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Al-Hatim Decor – Redefining your space! From how you work to how you live. We add a touch of elegance and beauty to your home and office. Al-Hatim Decor designs and creates stunning works of art within your homes and offices. We are carving a niche in the interiors industry, specializing in commercial and residential décor. Our creative team offers you bespoke services thus delivering what you want through specializing in elegant textures and innovative designs by applying our artistic and intrinsic minds.

Created with an ambition and desire to revolutionize the way Kenyans live and work, Al-Hatim Décor was launched in 2007. Since then, we have rapidly grown to be the preferred organization for office space fit-outs in the Design & Build industry.

Al-Hatim Décor has evolved from small-scale residential projects to now focusing on international corporate office space & retail brand fit-outs.
By appreciating the local community’s desires and having a deep understanding of their needs, we are able to deliver a tailored solution to fuse together international standards and the Kenyan culture.
We have a creative team for new and innovative ideas to add colors to your life. We offer you personalized services thus providing you with what you need. We specialize in elegant interior designs, trendy special effects and apply our artistic & intrinsic designs and colors using imported and local products.

Brief and Analysis

Al Hatim Decor works closely with your management team to understand your business requirements and vision. We undertakr an in-depth study of your existing premises to fully understand and propose solutions that work better.

Space, Planning & Budget

Once your space is selected, we will assist in space planning. We will create 3D renders so that you can see 2D plans come to life. After the space survey has been completed and the drawings have been approved by you, we will present a detailed budget.

Interior Design

From the approved space planning, our design team will work closely with you to create a look and feel that will put your corporate stamp on the project. Alternatively, our designers can propose and inspire you with our creations.


At Al-Hatim Decor we understand that the most important component of your space is the furniture. We ensure that there is provision for your new or existing furniture in the projects. We deliver the latest and trendy furniture to suite your requirements.

Hand Over

We will continue to provide you with the support that you require to operate in your new environs. We will ensure that you have onsite training on the system installed in addition to providing you with manuals and documentations. We shall also provide you with a professional back-up service.


Upon completion of the above stages, we can thereafter execute the plan. We at Al Hatim Decor, will bring all the drawings and renders to life. We are in complete control of the project through our own project managers, site-supervisors and engineers to create your new environment.

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